Rev up your engines and get ready for an auditory adventure like no other! If you’re a true automotive enthusiast, you understand the undeniable thrill that comes from the deep, resonant growl of a well-tuned exhaust tip. It’s the symphony of power, the heartbeat of performance, and the very essence of automotive passion.

Whether you’re cruising down the highway or leaving your mark on the racetrack, the right exhaust tip can make all the difference in transforming your vehicle’s sound from ordinary to extraordinary.

In this comprehensive product review post, we’re diving deep into the world of automotive acoustics to bring you the lowdown on the “best exhaust tip for deep sound.” We’ll explore the top contenders, dissect the science behind the sounds, and guide you toward that perfect auditory symphony for your ride.

Get ready to unleash the beast beneath your hood and discover the exhilarating world of deep, resonating exhaust notes. Your journey to sonic perfection starts right here!

Top 5 Exhaust Tips That Will Ensure Deep Sound

1. Flowmaster 15396B Ss Exhaust Tip

Flowmaster 15396B Ss Exhaust Tip

The Flowmaster 15396B Ss Exhaust Tip is a top-notch enhancement for the Dodge Charger, priced at $93.95. Its sleek black ceramic-coated finish not only adds sophistication but also seamlessly complements the vehicle’s look. The clamp-on design ensures easy installation, catering to users with varying levels of automotive expertise. Constructed from durable 304S stainless steel with a double-wall design, it promises longevity and resilience against harsh conditions.

The 4.00″ angle cut outlet, featuring the embossed Flowmaster logo, adds a touch of class and authenticity while enhancing overall aesthetics. Users praise the product for delivering a deeper and more resonant exhaust note, contributing to a more satisfying driving experience.

However, potential buyers should be aware of its Chinese manufacturing origin and the compatibility limitation to 2.50″ tubing, which may not suit all vehicles. Despite these considerations, the Flowmaster 15396B Ss Exhaust Tip remains a compelling choice for those seeking an affordable yet impactful upgrade for their vehicle’s appearance and performance.

Price: $93.95

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  • Black ceramic coating adds a sophisticated look to the vehicle
  • Clamp-on design makes installation easy
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel for durability
  • Provides a deeper and more resonant exhaust note
  • The embossed Flowmaster logo adds authenticity and performance
  • Compatible with Dodge Charger, enhancing overall aesthetics


  • Some people may be concerned about the product being made in China.
  • The exhaust tip is only compatible with 2.50″ tubing, limiting its versatility.


The Flowmaster 15396B Ss Exhaust Tip is a fantastic addition for anyone seeking both style and performance enhancement. Its sleek design, easy installation, and improved exhaust note make it a must-have accessory for automotive enthusiasts. While its origin might be a minor concern, the product’s overall quality and impact on the vehicle’s appearance and sound outweigh any reservations. If you want to transform your vehicle’s look and sound effortlessly, this exhaust tip is a solid investment that won’t disappoint.

2. Go Rhino! GRT234410 Exhaust Tip

Go Rhino! GRT234410 Exhaust Tip

The Go Rhino! GRT234410 Exhaust Tip offers a cost-effective and visually appealing upgrade for the 2018 Silverado 1500. Priced at $49.28, it features a triple nickel chrome coating over stainless steel, ensuring a polished look and durability. The Rhino logo embossing adds a unique touch. Installation is effortless, fitting seamlessly onto factory Silverado 1500 tailpipes. Despite lacking a drain hole, potential moisture accumulation is a minor concern.

Pros include improved vehicle appearance, easy installation, budget-friendly cost, durable stainless steel construction, and a distinctive Rhino logo. However, compatibility is limited to specific vehicle models due to tailpipe dimension constraints. In summary, the Go Rhino!

Exhaust Tip is a worthwhile investment for those seeking an affordable and stylish vehicle enhancement. While the absence of a drain hole might raise concerns for some, its overall affordability, durability, and easy installation make it a solid choice.

The added resemblance to factory Silverado/GM tips further enhances its appeal, offering an OEM-like appearance without the high cost, making it an attractive option for those aiming to enhance their vehicle’s aesthetics with a touch of chrome.

Price: $49.28

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  • Triple nickel chrome coating improves vehicle appearance
  • Fits easily onto factory Silverado 1500 tailpipes
  • Offers a factory-style appearance at a budget-friendly price
  • Made of durable stainless steel for long-lasting protection
  • Features a unique Rhino logo for a distinctive touch


  • No drain hole may cause moisture accumulation
  • Only compatible with specific vehicle models due to tailpipe dimension limitations


The Go Rhino! GRT234410 Exhaust Tip is a worthy investment for those seeking a budget-friendly yet stylish enhancement for their vehicle. While its lack of a drain hole might concern some, its affordability, durability, and easy fit make it a solid choice. The resemblance to factory Silverado/GM tips further adds to its appeal, offering an OEM-like appearance without the high cost. If you’re looking to boost your vehicle’s aesthetics with a touch of chrome, this exhaust tip delivers quality and visual impact.

3. Borla 20248 Exhaust Tip, Silver

Borla 20248 Exhaust Tip

The Borla 20248 Exhaust Tip proves to be a highly satisfying enhancement for your vehicle, combining both aesthetic appeal and performance improvements. Crafted from top-notch T-304 stainless steel, this exhaust tip ensures durability and longevity, making it a reliable investment for car enthusiasts. The mirror-polished finish not only adds to its durability but also contributes to its alluring appearance, elevating the overall aesthetics of your vehicle.

One of the standout features is its 2.25″ inlet and 4″ outlet, providing a custom look that can instantly catch attention. The resonated design is a noteworthy addition, as it not only enhances the exhaust note but does so without being excessively loud. This makes it an excellent choice for those who seek a richer and deeper sound without compromising on comfort or noise levels.

Installation is made convenient with the weld-on design, ensuring a secure attachment to your exhaust system. However, it’s worth noting that the weld-on installation might require professional assistance, adding to the overall cost of the upgrade. While this could be a potential drawback, the benefits of the resonated design and the mirror-polished stainless steel construction make it a worthwhile investment for many car enthusiasts.

Price: $66.99

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  • Mirror-polished T-304 stainless steel for durability and longevity
  • 2.25″ inlet and 4″ outlet for a custom look
  • Resonated design for added sound control without being too loud
  • Weld-on installation for secure attachment
  • Embossed with the BORLA logo for authenticity.


  • Compatibility is limited to specific inlet and outlet dimensions
  • Weld-on installation may require professional assistance and add to the overall cost.


Upgrade your vehicle’s aesthetics and exhaust note with the Borla Exhaust Tip. Made of high-quality stainless steel and equipped with a resonated design, it’s a valuable addition to compatible exhaust systems. The secure weld-on installation and distinctive BORLA logo make for an authentic upgrade. Get the perfect blend of style and sound refinement with this excellent choice.

4. Spectre Performance 22360 Exhaust Tip

Spectre Performance 22360 Exhaust Tip

The Spectre Performance Exhaust Tip, priced at $41.55, is a commendable addition to your vehicle, offering a dual advantage of visual enhancement and improved exhaust sound. Boasting a durable black textured finish and an aggressive slant-cut design, it not only elevates the appearance of your car’s rear end but also ensures long-lasting appeal in various weather conditions.

The resonated interior contributes to a richer exhaust note, enhancing the overall auditory experience. Versatility is a key feature, accommodating exhaust tubing sizes ranging from 1.75 inches to 2.75 inches, making it compatible with a variety of vehicles.

However, user feedback suggests potential drawbacks, including a whistling noise, especially under wide-open throttle, possibly attributed to design or fit issues. Installation complexity is another consideration, with some users noting the need for tack welding and professional assistance, potentially increasing costs.


Price: $41.55

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  • Elevates the appearance of the exhaust system for a better overall aesthetic
  • Enhances exhaust sound quality with a resonated interior
  • Fits exhaust tubing within a range of 1.75 inches to 2.75 inches, accommodating various vehicles
  • Durable black textured powder coat finish for long-lasting visual appeal in diverse weather conditions
  • Aggressive slant-cut design with a 3.5-inch outside diameter body for a sporty and dynamic look.


  • Some users have reported a whistling noise, especially under wide-open throttle.
  • The noise may be due to design or fit issues.
  • The product offers multiple mounting options, but installation can be complex.
  • Tack welding may be necessary for a secure fit, which could require professional assistance and increase installation costs.


The Spectre Performance Exhaust Tip adds both style and refinement to a vehicle’s exhaust system. Its adjustable fit and durable black powder coat finish make it a valuable addition. However, installation may require professional assistance and some users have reported a whistling noise under certain conditions.

5. AUTOSAVER88 2.5 Inch Inlet Exhaust Tip

AUTOSAVER88 2.5 Inch Inlet Exhaust Tip

The AUTOSAVER88 Exhaust Tip, priced at $32.49, impresses with a sleek rolled-angle cut design and black powder-coated finish, adding style to vehicles while safeguarding the tailpipe from rust and weather. Installation is a breeze with the bolt-on design, complemented by optional welding for added security. The exhaust tip not only enhances the vehicle’s appearance but also produces a satisfying rumbling sound, elevating the driving experience.

Despite its merits, challenges may arise with fitment on certain tailpipes, posing difficulties for users during installation. Additionally, there are durability concerns regarding the black powder-coated finish. Extended exposure to weather conditions and road debris may lead to fading, chipping, or peeling, necessitating periodic touch-up maintenance.

Price: $32.49

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  • Sleek design adds style to the vehicle and creates a rumbling sound
  • Black powder-coated finish protects the tailpipe from rust and weather
  • Bolt-on design allows for easy installation, with an option for extra welding
  • The exhaust tip effectively keeps out dust, water, and rocks from the tailpipe.


  • Some tailpipes may not fit the product perfectly, causing difficulties for some users.
  • There are concerns about the durability of the black powder-coated finish over time.
  • The coating may fade, chip, or peel off after prolonged exposure to weather conditions and road debris.
  • Touch-up maintenance may be required to maintain the exhaust tip’s appearance.


The AUTOSAVER88 2.5-inch Inlet Exhaust Tip is an excellent choice for those seeking to enhance the visual appeal and sound of their vehicle’s exhaust system. Its stylish design, easy installation process, and functional benefits make it a valuable addition. However, it’s important to ensure that the product’s dimensions match your tailpipe’s outer diameter to ensure a proper fit. Overall, this exhaust tip offers an affordable way to improve both the aesthetics and sound of your vehicle’s exhaust system.

7 Crucial Factors to Consider While You Choose the Best Exhaust Tip For Deep Sound

1. Material Matters:

When it comes to achieving a deep, resonant exhaust note, the material of the exhaust tip is crucial. Stainless steel and titanium are top choices. Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and durable, while titanium is even lighter and offers excellent durability. These materials not only withstand the elements but also contribute to a deeper, richer sound compared to cheaper alternatives like aluminum or chrome-plated tips.

2. Size and Diameter:

The size and diameter of the exhaust tip play a significant role in determining the exhaust note. Generally, a larger tip with a wider diameter tends to produce a deeper sound. However, it’s essential to strike a balance between size and compatibility with your vehicle’s exhaust system. Choosing a tip that is too large may lead to a loss of backpressure, negatively affecting performance and sound quality.

3. Shape and Design:

The design and shape of the exhaust tip can also influence the sound. Rolled or slash-cut tips can alter the exhaust note by directing the flow of exhaust gases in specific ways. Research how different designs impact sound and consider one that not only enhances the auditory experience but also complements the aesthetics of your vehicle.

4. Weld-On vs. Clamp-On:

Decide between a weld-on or clamp-on exhaust tip based on your preferences and installation skills. Weld-on tips provide a more permanent solution and are typically welded directly to the existing exhaust system, ensuring a secure fit. On the other hand, clamp-on tips are easier to install, require minimal tools, and can be swapped out more easily if you decide to change the tip or vehicle.

5. Resonator or No Resonator:

Some exhaust tips come with built-in resonators, which are chambers designed to further deepen and refine the exhaust note. These resonators can enhance the sound, but their impact varies depending on the design and quality. Research the specific resonator type and its effect on the sound to determine if it aligns with your desired deep sound profile.

6. Brand and Reviews:

It’s wise to research reputable brands known for producing high-quality exhaust tips. Look for manufacturers with a history of excellence in exhaust system components. Reading customer reviews can provide valuable insights into real-world experiences with specific exhaust tips, including their sound improvements and durability. Consider opting for well-reviewed products to ensure you’re getting the best value for your investment.

7. Legal Compliance:

While you’re aiming for a deep and impressive exhaust note, it’s essential to be aware of local noise regulations. Some areas have strict noise ordinances in place, and excessively loud exhaust systems can lead to fines or even vehicle impoundment. Ensure that the exhaust tip you choose remains compliant with local laws to avoid legal issues down the road. It’s possible to strike a balance between a satisfying sound and legal compliance by selecting an exhaust tip that offers a deep note without exceeding noise limits.

Final Words

Selecting the best exhaust tip for achieving that coveted deep, resonant sound is a decision that can elevate your driving experience to a whole new level. The considerations we’ve explored in this review post highlight the importance of a thoughtful approach to this choice.

Remember that the exhaust tip’s material, size, and diameter are crucial factors in determining the richness of your vehicle’s exhaust note. Stainless steel and titanium materials offer both durability and enhanced sound quality, while the right size and diameter can help you strike the perfect balance between deep sound and performance.

Ultimately, whether you’re seeking an aggressive growl or a subtle refinement of your vehicle’s exhaust note, the perfect exhaust tip is out there, waiting to take your driving experience to the next level. With the knowledge and tips provided in this review, you’re now well-equipped to make an informed decision and enjoy the deep, satisfying sound that perfectly complements your vehicle’s style and performance. 

Once you’ve chosen the perfect tip, learn the art of installation with our comprehensive ‘How to Install an Exhaust Tip‘ tutorial. This step-by-step guide ensures a seamless process, allowing you to enjoy the powerful and resonant tones emanating from your upgraded exhaust system.

Dive into the world of automotive customization, where the right tip not only transforms the sound but also adds a touch of personal flair to your ride.”

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