Buckle up, Mazda CX-5 enthusiasts, because we’re about to take your driving experience to a whole new level! Whether you’re navigating city streets, conquering rugged terrains, or embarking on cross-country adventures, the right set of tires can make all the difference. Welcome to our comprehensive guide where we dive deep into the world of rubber, treads, and traction to bring you the ultimate lineup of tires tailored exclusively for your Mazda CX-5.

From gripping curves with precision to enjoying a smooth and quiet ride, we’ve scoured the market to handpick a selection of tires that combine performance, durability, and safety in perfect harmony. Get ready to explore the tire innovations that will not only redefine your Mazda CX-5’s journey but also enhance every twist and turn along the way. Let’s roll into Tire Nirvana!

5 Best All-Season Tires for Mazda CX-5 to Enhance Your Ride

1. Bridgestone DriveGuard Plus

Bridgestone DriveGuard Plus

As someone who relies on my car for frequent long road trips, the choice of the right trim levels becomes crucial. After getting a flat too many times with my old Mazda CX-5 tires, I decided to give the Bridgestone DriveGuard Plus a try based on the run-flat capabilities.

I’ve been impressed with the performance so far – the ride is smooth and quiet, with great handling, traction, and braking even in wet conditions. The versatility of the DriveGuard Plus tires is noteworthy, as they cater to various terrain tires and provide a comfortable driving experience, accommodating different driving styles.

The 50-mile run-flat feature gives me peace of mind that I’ll be able to safely get to a tire shop if I ever do get a flat, eliminating the need for a traditional spare tire. While they are more expensive than standard tires, the DriveGuard Plus tires have been worth it for their increased safety and reliability, especially considering the various types of tires available in the market.

I haven’t regretted making the switch, and the smooth ride they offer is complemented by their adaptability to different road conditions, whether it’s a dry road or handling slippery roads with ease. The tread depth of these tires contributes to their on-road capability, ensuring a comfortable ride regardless of the road conditions.

Price: $266.99

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  • All-season capability performs well in dry, wet, and winter conditions
  • Provides good grip and traction in most weather
  • Quiet ride and comfortable handling
  • Run-flat technology allows continued driving after a puncture
  • Tread design resists hydroplaning on wet roads
  • Durable compound extending tread life
  • Improved snow performance over the original DriveGuard tire


  • Expensive price point compared to standard tires
  • May have a slower steering response due to stiffer sidewalls
  • Ride quality is not as cushioned as some grand touring tires
  • Run flats can be more difficult to repair if damaged
  • Winter traction is not as good as dedicated winter tires
  • Run-flats may wear faster than standard tires


The Bridgestone DriveGuard Plus is an impressive premium all-season tire that performs well in all conditions. For drivers wanting enhanced safety from run-flat technology without compromising on-road performance, the DriveGuard Plus is an excellent choice. The improved tread life also makes the high price tag worthwhile in the long run. Overall, I’m satisfied with my purchase and would recommend these tires.

2. Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra

Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra

As someone who puts a lot of miles on my SUV for work and family trips, the choice of an all-season tire that can endure highway driving without compromising performance is crucial. The search led me to the Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra, renowned for its wet grip capabilities and long-lasting tread.

Since trying them out, I’ve been consistently impressed with the Alenza AS Ultra’s attributes, delivering a remarkably smooth, quiet ride and exhibiting excellent handling across diverse weather conditions.

Notably, the braking improvements are evident, with my SUV now stopping in shorter distances even on wet roads. While the initial cost was higher than my previous tires, the Alenza AS Ultra’s durability, evidenced by its robust compound and tread life warranty, suggests they are an investment built to last.

What’s noteworthy is the absence of any discernible loss in traction or comfort, even after covering thousands of miles. These tires have not only met but exceeded my expectations for an all-season premium tire, offering excellent grip and contributing to fuel economy, making them a reliable choice, especially in challenging conditions like heavy snow.

Price: $222.99

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  • Provides responsive and stable handling in dry conditions
  • All-season tread design performs well across multiple weather types
  • Computer-optimized tread pattern reduces noise
  • Stiffer sidewalls enhance steering response
  • Good hydroplaning resistance due to tread design
  • Wear-resistant compound improves tread life
  • Better snow and ice traction than previous Alenza tires
  • 80,000 mile tread life warranty (conditions apply)


  • Expensive cost compared to standard all-season tires
  • May sacrifice some ride comfort due to stiffer construction
  • Not optimized for deep snow or icy conditions
  • Limited sizes available currently
  • May be overkill for drivers not to need premium features
  • Run flats are not available in this model


The Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra is an outstanding premium all-season tire ideal for SUVs and light trucks. It delivers responsive handling and a smooth, quiet ride while providing long tread life. The wet and dry braking improvements are noticeable and provide added safety. While not cheap, the durable construction and long warranty make them a worthwhile investment for drivers prioritizing mileage and year-round performance. Overall, highly recommended for an excellent all-around tire.

3. Assurance® All-Season

Assurance® All-Season

As someone who relies on my car for my daily commute and weekend trips, I need a tire that can handle various road conditions reliably. The Goodyear Assurance All-Season tire has met my needs well over the last few years.

The tread design provides great traction in dry and wet conditions, with solid performance in light snow too. I’ve felt in control braking and turning even in heavy rain storms.

The ride feels smooth and quiet, without much road noise. While I haven’t tested their durability for the full 60,000-mile tread life warranty yet, they have held up well over 20,000 miles so far. No signs of abnormal or uneven wear.

For an affordable all-season tire, the Assurance has impressive features like wet traction and tread life. I’m satisfied with my purchase and would recommend these tires to other drivers looking for a dependable commuting and all-weather tire.

Price: $209.00 

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  • All-season tread design performs well in dry, wet, and light snow conditions
  • Computer-optimized tread pattern reduces noise
  • Stable handling and braking across various road conditions
  • Durable tread compound increases longevity
  • Good value for the price compared to premium tires
  • Hydroplaning resistance due to tread pattern
  • 60,000 mile treadwear warranty (conditions apply)
  • Good steering response and grip in dry conditions


  • Not suitable for harsh wintry conditions or deep snow
  • Handling not optimized for high-performance driving
  • May have slightly less traction than ultra-high-performance tires
  • Treadwear warranty is shorter than some touring tires
  • Ride comfort is good but not luxury car plush
  • Limited sizes available compared to other models
  • Quality control issues reported by some drivers


The Goodyear Assurance All-Season is a great choice for an affordable, dependable all-season commuting tire. It delivers reliable traction and tread life along with a smooth, quiet ride. Drivers in temperate climates who don’t require specialized winter or high-performance tires will be satisfied with the year-round capabilities. Overall it provides impressive value and capabilities for the price point. Just be aware it falls short of premium tires for extreme conditions.

4. Cross Contact LX25

Cross Contact LX25

As an active driver who relies on my SUV for weekend adventures as well as daily commuting, I need all-season tires that can confidently handle varying conditions. After having issues with my last set of tires slipping on wet roads, I decided to try the CrossContact LX25 based on reviews praising the wet traction.

I’ve been thrilled with the performance – the grip and control provide me peace of mind in heavy rain and around corners.

The tread design also handles packed snow and light off-road trails with ease. Just as importantly, the ride quality is very smooth and quiet, even at high speeds. The tires feel well-constructed and durable, standing up to my frequent use.

While they were more costly upfront, the enhanced traction and capabilities make them worthwhile for my needs. After two years of use, the CrossContact LX25 has exceeded my expectations for an all-purpose SUV tire.

Price: $165.99

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  • Excellent wet and dry handling and braking performance
  • The tread pattern provides good traction in light snow
  • Stable and responsive steering in dry conditions
  • Reinforced construction improves puncture resistance
  • Provides a smooth, quiet ride at high speeds
  • Reduced rolling resistance improves fuel efficiency
  • Wear-resistant compound enhances tread life
  • Capable over light off-road terrain
  • 72-month or 70,000-mile treadwear warranty


  • Expensive cost compared to standard all-season tires
  • Not ideal for deep snow or very rugged off-roading
  • Handling not as sharp as ultra-high performance tires
  • May sacrifice some ride comfort for improved response
  • Limited winter traction on ice or packed snow
  • Does not come in run-flat versions
  • Treadwear warranty is shorter than some competitor tires
  • Not optimized for towing heavy loads


The Continental CrossContact LX25 is an outstanding all-season tire choice for active SUV drivers who value traction and versatility. It delivers great grip on wet roads along with light off-road abilities. While expensive, the impressive performance across conditions makes it a worthwhile investment for the right buyer. Overall, highly recommended for a durable, all-purpose SUV tire.

5. Continental CrossContact LX20

Continental CrossContact LX20

The Continental CrossContact LX20 exceeded my expectations. Its advanced tread compound with EcoPlus technology improved my vehicle’s fuel efficiency and maintained excellent traction and durability.

The optimized tread pattern efficiently handled wet conditions and provided impressive grip on snow and ice, making it a reliable choice for winter driving.

Also, the tire’s noise reduction features made my rides noticeably quieter and more comfortable. The LX20’s durability provided extended tread life and made it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Overall, it’s an exceptional all-season tire for SUVs, crossovers, and light trucks.


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  • Exceptional all-season performance.
  • Improved fuel efficiency with EcoPlus technology.
  • Excellent wet and snow traction.
  • Reduced road noise for a quieter ride.
  • Long-lasting durability.


  • Not suitable for extreme winter conditions.
  • Limited availability of sizes for certain vehicles.


The Continental CrossContact LX20 provides a great balance of performance, comfort, and durability for all-season driving. Although it’s not ideal for extreme winter conditions, its advanced tread compound with EcoPlus technology increases fuel efficiency and maintains grip and longevity. Overall, it’s a cost-effective choice for SUV, crossover, or light truck owners seeking a versatile all-season tire.

7 Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best All Season Tires for Mazda Cx 5

  1. Consider Your Driving Needs:

Start by assessing your typical driving patterns. Do you mostly drive in the city, commute long distances, or enjoy off-road adventures? This evaluation helps you identify the primary factors to prioritize in your tire selection. For city driving, comfort, low noise, and good fuel efficiency might be key. If you frequently take your Mazda CX-5 off-road, you’ll want tires with enhanced traction and durability.

  1. Check the Size:

The correct tire size is crucial for optimal performance and safety. Refer to your Mazda CX-5’s owner’s manual or check the sidewall of your current tires to find the recommended tire size. The size is indicated in a sequence of numbers and letters, such as P225/65R17. Installing tires of the wrong size can affect your speedometer accuracy, handling, and even your vehicle’s stability.

  1. Understand the Tire Types:

Consider the type of tire that best suits your driving conditions. If you encounter snowy conditions, Tire Rack recommends investing in dedicated snow tires for exceptional traction. For versatile performance in various weather conditions, all-season tires are a popular choice for Mazda CX-5 drivers. Additionally, Tire Rack emphasizes that your driving habits and the type of terrain you navigate influence the choice between street tires and those suitable for rough roads.

  1. Tread Pattern Matters:

The tread pattern directly influences how your Mazda CX-5 grips the road. Tire Rack suggests that for optimal performance on both dry and wet roads, a tire with a balanced tread pattern, such as symmetrical or asymmetrical features, is a great choice. This not only ensures a comfortable and quiet ride but also maintains a reliable grip, providing stability in different road conditions.

  1. Load and Speed Ratings:

The load index and speed rating are essential specifications that determine a tire’s load-carrying capacity and speed capabilities. These ratings ensure that the tires can safely support the weight of your Mazda CX-5 and match its maximum speed. Tire Rack recommends checking these ratings based on your vehicle’s specifications when selecting new tires.

  1. Durability and Longevity:

Consider the durability of the tires by checking their treadwear ratings. Tires with higher treadwear ratings tend to last longer. However, it’s crucial to find the right balance between longevity and performance. Tire Rack suggests choosing a treadwear rating that aligns with your driving expectations, ensuring a reliable and durable tire for your Mazda CX-5.

  1. Read Reviews and Expert Recommendations:

Utilize online resources to research tire models that are highly regarded for Mazda CX-5 vehicles. Explore Tire Rack for expert reviews and recommendations based on your driving preferences. Read reviews from other Mazda CX-5 owners to gain insights into real-world experiences with different tire options. Tire Rack’s comprehensive tire reviews can guide you in making an informed decision based on expert recommendations and user feedback.

Final Words

In conclusion, the quest for the perfect tires for your Mazda CX-5 is an endeavor that blends science, technology, and your individual driving needs. By considering factors such as driving habits, climate, tire size, and tread pattern, you can make a well-informed decision that aligns with your priorities. Whether you’re aiming for comfort during city commutes, seeking top-notch performance on winding roads, or looking for reliable traction on off-road trails, the right set of tires can transform your Mazda CX-5’s journey.

Remember to balance performance with durability, and don’t hesitate to consult user reviews and expert opinions to gather a comprehensive understanding of your tire options. From all-season versatility to specialized treads tailored for specific conditions, there’s a wide array of choices to suit every Mazda CX-5 owner’s preference.

In the end, the best tires for your Mazda CX-5 will not only elevate your driving experience but also provide the confidence and reliability you seek on the road. As you embark on new adventures and navigate various terrains, your choice of tires will stand as a testament to your commitment to safety, performance, and the joy of driving. So, let your Mazda CX-5’s potential roar to life with the ideal set of tires, and may every road you travel be a smoother, more exhilarating journey.

Furthermore, as you explore the best tire options for your Mazda CX-5, it’s important to consider how they perform across different temperatures. This consideration naturally leads to an interesting aspect of tire care: the tendency for car tires to lose air in colder weather.

Understanding this can be crucial in ensuring that your chosen tires for the CX-5 remain effective and durable. To gain a deeper understanding of this phenomenon and its impact on tire performance and maintenance, explore our in-depth analysis in the article “Why Do Car Tires Lose Air in Cold Weather?

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