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How to Clean UPPAbaby Mesa Car Seat: The Ultimate Guide

An A-Z Guide to Cleaning Your UPPAbaby Mesa Car Seat

The UPPAbaby Mesa car seat, renowned for its safety and comfort, is no exception. However, sometimes cleaning the car seat seems daunting for the disassembly and reassembly process.

Many parents face this challenge, seeking effective ways to keep their car seats clean without causing damage or losing a day to complicated cleaning processes.

That’s where our comprehensive guide comes in. We’re here to walk you through ‘How to Deep Clean UPPAbaby Mesa Car Seat’ with practical, five easy-to-follow steps.

By the end of this read, you’ll be equipped with the know-how to tackle even the most challenging stains, giving you more time to enjoy the journey of parenthood.

Washing Uppababy Mesa in 5 Easy Steps: Mesa Old, V2. and Mesa Max

a step-by-step guide to Cleaning Your UPPAbaby Mesa Car Seat

To clean the UPPAbaby Mesa car seat, start by disassembling it and vacuuming thoroughly to remove loose dirt. Treat any stains with upholstery cleaner or stain remover. Remove the fabric cover and spot-clean it using mild soap and water, then machine wash it on a gentle cycle with cold water, avoiding bleach and fabric softeners. Clean the buckle and harness with a damp cloth and mild detergent, and similarly clean the car seat shell and base. Ensure all parts are completely dry before reassembling the car seat, making sure everything is properly secured.

The cleaning process is quite easy with the right technique.

But, before you begin the practical cleaning process, gather the following cleaning tools and materials:

  1. Soft-Bristled Brush or Toothbrush: For gently scrubbing away dirt and grime without damaging the fabric.
  2. Mild Detergent or Soap: Choose a soap that’s gentle and free from harsh chemicals to prevent damaging the seat’s fabric and ensure it’s safe for your baby.
  3. Cold or Lukewarm Water: Hot water can damage certain fabrics or cause them to shrink.
  4. Clean Cloths or Towels: Microfiber cloths are excellent for cleaning without leaving lint or scratches.
  5. Bucket or Basin: For mixing your cleaning solution and dipping cloths.

Once you have gathered all the required cleaning tools, it’s time to prepare yourself for the cleaning process.

  1. Choose a spacious and well-ventilated cleaning area away from direct sunlight.
  2. Take notes or photos of each step as you disassemble the seat to ensure correct reassembly.
  3. Inspect the car seat for damage, wear and tear, or stubborn stains before cleaning, so that you can claim a warranty or know how dirty your car seat is!

Now, let’s begin!

Step 1: Removing the Seat Cover and Other Washable Components

Uppababy Mesa
(Image- Uppababy)

Removing the components from the car seat is the most crucial part of the cleaning because parents often damage seat components while removing or they forget how they removed a specific part!

So, make sure you follow the removal process carefully and take pictures of them.

a. Neck Covers Removal: We begin with the neck covers. These are small, cushioned covers that snap around the neck area for added comfort. To remove them, simply hold the edges and gently pull them away from the snaps. They detach easily, and you’ll hear a soft ‘pop’ as they come off. Set them aside for washing.

b. Infant Insert Removal: Next is the infant insert, a crucial part for newborns that provides extra support. Find the section where the car seat buckle threads through. Firmly grasp the insert and gently pull it away from the seat. It should slide out smoothly, revealing the buckle path. This insert is soft and padded, so handle it with care to maintain its shape.

c. Headrest Cover Removal: The headrest cover, designed for head support, comes off next. Reach behind the headrest, and you’ll find a small strap or tab. Pinch the strap between your fingers and gently tug it. The cover will start to loosen. Work your way around the headrest, easing the cover off from both sides. It’s like removing a pillowcase, simple and straightforward.

d. Styrofoam Part Caution: A word of caution here – within the car seat, you’ll notice some styrofoam parts. These are crucial for impact protection and must not be removed or tampered with. Treat these parts with care as you work around them.

e. Canopy/Sunshade Removal: For those needing to clean the sunshade, this part requires a bit of finesse. Locate the small tabs at the back of the shade. They might be a bit hidden, so feel around for them. Once found, gently pull them upwards one by one. As each tab releases, the sunshade will start to detach. It’s a bit like unfastening buttons on a coat, going around the edge until the shade is free.

f. Seat Cover Removal: With the sunshade off, the main seat cover is next. Starting from the bottom, gently pull the fabric away from the seat. You’ll notice it’s attached via a series of hooks or clasps. Work your way around these fastenings, unhooking them gently. It’s akin to unzipping a dress slowly, ensuring every clasp and hook is carefully released.

g. Buckle Removal: The buckle might seem a bit tricky but stay with us. At the back of the seat, you’ll find a small metal piece connected to the buckle. This needs to be turned sideways (flush) to allow for removal. Imagine turning a key in a lock. Once aligned, push it through from one side, and then gently pull it out from the other. It may require a bit of wiggling and patience.

Safety Tips and Additional Considerations

  • Gentle Handling: Always handle each component with care to avoid damage.
  • Organization: Keep all removed components in a safe, organized manner to ensure easy reassembly.
  • Avoid Force: If a component does not come off quickly, refer back to the manual instead of using force.
  • Height Adjustments: Some Mesa models have adjustable height settings. Remember the setting before dismantling.
  • Seat Belt Paths: Be mindful of the paths of seat belts and straps, as these will need to be re-threaded correctly during reassembly.
  • Photographing Steps: Consider taking pictures as you disassemble to aid in reassembly.

Once you have removed all the components from your car seat, it’s time to start the cleaning process.

Step 2: Cleaning the Machine Washable Components

Fortunately, most components of the UPPAbaby Mesa seat are machine washable such as the seat cover, infant insert, canopy, and fabric components.

However, always check the fabric care label on your seat cover first to confirm if it’s suitable for machine washing.

Now let’s begin the washing process:

  • Preparation: Begin by shaking off any loose dirt or debris from all the car seat components. For food stains or dried liquids, gently scrape off the excess before placing it in the washer.
  • Machine Settings: Put the washable components in the washing machine and select a gentle cycle with cold water. This is important to prevent shrinking and color fading.
  • Choosing Detergent: Opt for a mild, baby-friendly detergent. It’s important to avoid harsh chemicals which can leave residues that might irritate a baby’s sensitive skin. Also, avoid using fabric softeners, as they can compromise the integrity of the car seat fabric.
  • Washing: Run the washing machine. If your washer has an extra rinse feature, use it to ensure all detergent residue is completely removed.
  • Post-Wash Inspection: After the wash, inspect each component for any remaining stains. If any are found, treat them individually and consider re-washing.

Additional Tips

  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Never use bleach or other strong chemicals on the seat cover, as they can degrade the fabric and be harmful to your baby.
  • Spot Cleaning: For smaller spills or stains, spot cleaning can be effective. Use a soft cloth with a mild soap solution and gently dab at the stain.
  • Dealing with Odors: To tackle odors, a paste made of baking soda and water can be applied to the affected area. Allow it to sit for a few minutes, then rinse off thoroughly.

Besides the machine washable parts, there are a few components that you have to clean manually if they are dirty like the Harness, Buckles, and Car Seat Shell and Base.

Now, let’s see the process.

Step 3: Cleaning the Non- Machine Washable Parts

a. Harness Cleaning

  • Use a soft cloth dampened with a mix of mild soap and lukewarm water to gently wipe each strap. Be cautious not to soak the webbing.
  • For tougher spots, lightly use a soft-bristled brush for gentle scrubbing, being careful to avoid causing wear.
  • Rinse the harness with a clean, damp cloth to remove soap traces.
  • Lay the harness flat in a well-ventilated area for drying, avoiding direct sunlight or heat sources that can damage the material.

b. Buckle Cleaning

  • Start by brushing away any visible debris or crumbs from the buckle with a soft-bristled brush.
  • Gently clean the buckle with a soft cloth dampened with a mild soap solution, ensuring the cloth is not too wet.
  • Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe off the soap, and dry the buckle thoroughly with a soft towel.

c. Shell Cleaning

  • Start by dusting the shell’s surface with a soft cloth to remove loose dirt.
  • Use a mild soap solution with a damp cloth for a more thorough cleaning, focusing on crevices and under-seat areas.
  • After cleaning, dry off any moisture with a dry cloth.

d. Base Cleaning

  • Thoroughly wipe down the base with a cloth dipped in mild soapy water, ensuring all areas are reached.
  • Dry the base completely with a clean cloth, making sure no moisture remains.

With this, the washing of the car seat components ends with this step. Now, let’s dry each component and reassemble the components as they were!

Step 4: Air Drying the Components

  • Layout for Drying: Spread out all the components on a clean, dry surface. Ensure they are not overlapping or folded.
  • Avoiding Sun Damage: Keep the components in an area away from direct sunlight to prevent fading and material damage.
  • Time for Drying: Allow sufficient time for each component to dry completely. This may vary depending on the environment and weather conditions.

Once you have dried all the car seat components, it’s time to reassemble them on the car seat as they are. Let’s get started.

Step 5: Reassembling the Car Seat

a. Reattaching the Buckle: Let’s start with the buckle piece. It might seem a bit tricky, but it’s straightforward. Take the buckle and push one side in first. Then, press it down firmly and pull it through to the other side. You should hear a ‘click’ or feel it lock into place, ensuring it’s secure.

b. Main Seat Fabric Placement (Seat Cover): Next, grab the main seat fabric. Start by aligning it with the big hole for the foam part at the back of the seat. Gently stretch the fabric over the seat, ensuring it sits evenly. It’s like dressing the seat, so take your time to adjust it properly.

c. Securing the Headrest: For the headrest, slide the fabric over the foam piece. It’s similar to fitting a pillow into a pillowcase. Ensure it’s snug and covers the foam entirely. Then, secure the fabric into place, making sure it’s tight and smooth.

d. Adjusting the Velcro and Straps: Now, focus on the velcro pieces. Push them behind the foam, ensuring they are aligned properly. It’s important to make sure the straps are positioned correctly on both sides of the flap. Press the velcro firmly to secure it in place.

e. Infant Insert Placement: If you’re using the infant insert, place it back in the seat. It should fit snugly where the buckle goes through. This insert provides extra support and comfort for your baby, so ensure it’s positioned correctly.

f. Attaching the Neck Covers: Don’t forget the neck covers! They snap back on easily. Align them around the neck area and press until they click into place. They should be secure and comfortable for your little one.

g. Reinstalling the Sunshade/Canopy: Finally, the sunshade. Start by aligning the plastic rod with the tabs, working your way around the edge of the shade. It’s a bit like threading a needle – take your time to ensure it’s done right. Once aligned, snap it back into place, ensuring the fabric is smooth and the shade operates smoothly.

And voila! Your UPPAbaby Mesa car seat is reassembled and ready for your little one.

Remember, each component plays a crucial role in the safety and comfort of your baby, so take your time to ensure everything is properly in place.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out.

However, you must know how you can prevent your car set from getting dirty every week or so. Let’s talk about this.

How You Can Prevent Your UPPAbaby Mesa Car Set Getting Dirty So Often

  1. Use a Car Seat Protector: A car seat protector is a great investment. It acts as a barrier between the car seat and spills or stains, making cleanup easier.
  2. Avoid Eating in the Car: This is one of the most effective ways to keep the car seat clean. Food and drinks are common sources of spills and stains.
  3. Remove Shoes Before Entering the Car: This strategy helps minimize the transfer of dirt and debris onto the car seat.
  4. Use a Blanket or Towel: Covering the car seat when it’s not in use can protect it from dust and accidental spills.
  5. Use a Car Seat Canopy: A canopy not only protects the seat from external elements but also helps maintain the fabric’s color and texture by shielding it from direct sunlight.
  6. Wipe Down the Car Seat After Use: Regular cleaning, even if it’s just a quick wipe-down, can significantly reduce the buildup of dirt and grime.
  7. Immediate Cleaning of Spills and Stains: Addressing spills and stains right away prevents them from setting in and becoming harder to remove.
  8. Regular Deep Cleaning: Periodically doing a more thorough cleaning of the car seat, as per the manufacturer’s guidelines, can help maintain its condition.
  9. Educating Children: If your children are old enough, teaching them the importance of keeping the car seat clean can be very helpful. They can learn to be mindful of not bringing messy items into the car.

Final Words

Mastering the art of Uppababy car seat wash doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Through this guide, we’ve journeyed together through each step, from tackling stubborn stains to ensuring every buckle and strap is safely reassembled. Now, you’re equipped with the knowledge and confidence to not only clean your car seat thoroughly but also to maintain its top-notch safety and comfort features.

Remember, regular cleaning and careful maintenance of your UPPAbaby Mesa are more than just about hygiene; it’s about safeguarding the little world within your car for your most precious cargo.

While we’ve focused on the specifics of cleaning your UPPAbaby Mesa car seat, it’s important to note that the principles of car seat hygiene extend beyond just one model or brand.

If you’re looking for broader advice that applies to various types of baby car seats, don’t miss our comprehensive guide on ‘How to Clean a Baby Car Seat.’ This resource provides valuable insights and tips suitable for a range of car seats, ensuring that no matter what model you own, you can keep it in pristine condition for your child’s comfort and safety.

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