Best Shallow 12 inch Subwoofer

If you want the best possible bass when listening to music in your car, you’ll need to find the right subwoofer. In this article we will take a close look at several great products. This information will ultimately help you select the greatest for your vehicle.

Our top choice is the Skar Audio VD-12 D4, which boasts a max output power of 800 watts. It uses dual 4-ohm voice coils that are durable and heat resistant. This particular subwoofer also delivers an ideal frequency response range for impressive overall performance.

Before you decide on a certain subwoofer to install in your car, we encourage you to learn about each of the following products.

How We Picked The Greatest

While putting together our list, there were a few key things we kept in mind. We first looked at the amount of power that each of these speakers offer. The more watts your subwoofer gives you, the easier it will be to get that perfectly deep low end sound.

We also looked at the precise mounting depth of these subwoofers to ensure easy and versatile installation. The fact is that some of them are easier to put in than others. The exact dimensions of each one will ultimately determine how much effort you will have to put into this.

Top 5  Shallow Subwoofers in 2023 (12 inch):

Skar Audio VD-12 D4 12" Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate Punch P3SD2-12 Shallow Subwoofer

MB Quart DS1-304 Discus Shallow Mount Subwoofer

KICKER CompRT 12" Subwoofer

BOSS Audio Systems P120F

Skar Audio VD-12 D4 12″ Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer

The Skar Audio VD-12 D4 12” subwoofer has a dual 4-ohm design with a peak power of 800 watts. It has a mounting depth of just 4.92”, allowing for easy and versatile installation.

We really like this subwoofer’s paper cone, which is stitched to a high quality foam surround. This provides you with consistently impressive sound quality to meet all of your listening needs.

One of the reasons we chose the Skar Audio VD-12 D4 for our list is its ideal frequency response. It has a range of 25Hz through 300Hz. You can therefore expect clean and perfect sounding bass every single time you play music in the car.

The overall accuracy of the bass tones that this subwoofer produces is impressive to say the least. It will give you a powerful low end sound that makes all of the music you listen to more enjoyable overall.

Another great thing about this subwoofer is its two inch copper voice coil. It is designed to resist extremely high temperatures, which is particularly beneficial in the summer months. You’ll be able to ride around in your vehicle for hours without having to worry about any damage to the internal components.

The amazingly sturdy construction of this speaker makes it worth considering. You’ll find that it is a particularly great choice if you don’t have a lot of space in your vehicle. This subwoofer is lightweight and doesn’t take much time or effort to install. It will provide you with robust bass that has a considerably powerful overall sound.


  • Copper voice coil is heat-resistant for maximum durability
  • Responsive design gives you accurate bass tones
  • Lightweight motor helps make installation a lot easier
  • Delivers a very powerful low end sound
  • Ideal frequency response range for impressive overall performance


  • Takes a little while to properly break in


Rockford Fosgate Punch P3SD2-12 Shallow Subwoofer

The Rockford Fosgate Punch P3SD2 features an M-Roll Santoprene surround for a high degree of efficiency. The basket has a stamp-cast design that holds all of the internal components securely.

The sturdy basket construction goes a long way towards preventing damage that can have a devastating impact on the subwoofer’s overall performance. This also greatly reduces distortion, which helps maintain a great low end sound at all times.

We especially like this anodized aluminum cone, which keeps flex from becoming an issue. It will retain its shape nicely even with applications that demand a ton of power. You’ll find that this design also enhances the responsiveness of the subwoofer as a whole.

You will most likely be surprised at just how much power this subwoofer can handle. It uses VAST technology for a significantly larger radiating cone area. This ultimately gives you a much better bass sound that you can always count on.

The aluminum voice coil inside of this subwoofer is also quite impressive. It is made to dissipate heat effectively so as to prevent irreversible damage. This subwoofer’s internal components will always remain cool.

There is no question that the durable and sophisticated design of the P3SD2-12 makes it a great choice. It has a mounting depth of 3.65” and a cutout diameter of 11.22 inches. This makes it easy to put in your vehicle with no unnecessary hassle.


  • Dual voice coil design increase wire flexibility
  • Made for easy installation in a vast majority of vehicles
  • Stamp-cast basket prevents issues with flex and distortion
  • Very powerful design gives you a deep and full bass sound
  • Highly effective heat dissipation protects internal components


  • Some customers say it blows out at a 1ohm load


MB Quart DS1-304 Discus Shallow Mount Subwoofer

The MB Quart DS1-304 has a very shallow mount depth of under three inches. This will help with installation, especially in vehicles without much extra space.

This subwoofer’s venting on the front and back enable efficient cool air exchange for a nice deep overall bass sound. Another great thing about this design is that it prevents issues that could shorten its overall life. You can expect years of reliable performance with little to no problems.

Another reason that we chose the DS1-304 for our list is its incredibly sturdy construction. The basket is made of ultra-durable powder coated steel material. This will ensure maximum stability while giving you full low end audio for a great listening experience.

The 2-inch voice coil inside of this subwoofer is designed to withstand very high temperatures. You will never have to deal with any dip in performance due to extreme heat.

There is also the UV rubber surround, which is made to resist sun damage. It has a flexible design that allows for superb versatility on a consistent basis. Both the nickel-plated push as well as the insert will hold up well over time with no rust.

If you are looking for a reliable subwoofer that is very easy to install, this one is an excellent choice. It will provide you with full and satisfying bass with whatever music you happen to listen to.


  • Very shallow mounting depth eliminates issues with installation
  • Stamped steel basket is unbelievable sturdy and reliable
  • Venting on front and back of subwoofer enables a deep low end sound
  • Rubber surround won’t get damaged by exposure to UV rays over time
  • Voice coil has impressive temperature resistant design


  • It could be a bit more powerful overall


KICKER CompRT 12″ Subwoofer

The KICKER CompRT 12” Subwoofer delivers a stunningly deep and full bass sound. It boasts 1000 watts of power, so you will always get robust low end performance.

It is important to keep in mind that this subwoofer works best when kept in a sealed enclosure. You’ll want to run it at 500 watts RMS for the best possible bass.

This subwoofer uses a couple of 2-ohm voice coils that won’t get damaged by exposure to extremely high temperatures. You can therefore expect a high degree of reliability with this speaker.

We were particularly impressed by the forced-air cooling design of this subwoofer. It keeps the internal components significantly cooler than most others on the market. This also helps a lot with preventing serious damage that can have a negative effect on your listening experience.

The 3.75” mounting depth makes it fairly easy to install it in your vehicle. Unlike so many other subwoofers that are being sold today, this one allows for versatile installation/placement.

The big bass sound that the CompRT delivers makes it an excellent choice for subwoofer. While it is perhaps a bit deeper than some other models, it will give you excellent performance at all times. The sturdy weatherproof design of this speaker allows you to enjoy its superb performance for years to come.


  • High power rating gives you a big overall bass sound
  • Uses cutting-edge Solokon technology for reliable performance
  • Impressive cooling design prevents damage from high temperatures
  • Features a number of premium high quality components
  • Dual 2-ohm voice coils are designed for enhanced low end audio


  • Mounting depth is a bit larger than some other models


BOSS Audio Systems P120F

The BOSS Audio Systems P120F 12-inch subwoofer features an impressive 1400 watts max power. This alone guarantees full bass performance that you can enjoy on a consistent basis.

The 2” 4-ohm copper voice coil it uses is resistant to heat and allows for the best possible audio. It also won’t rust over time, even when exposed to high levels of moisture in the warmer months.

You’ll find that the butyl rubber surround on this subwoofer is extremely durable and can withstand a variety of weather conditions. It is absolutely ideal in terms of sheer efficiency.

One of the things about the P120F that led us to put it on our list is its poly injection cone. This cone design offers a high degree of flexibility. It is also unbelievably strong and will definitely stand the test of time. With the strength of fiberglass and the softness of foam, this cone gives you the best of both worlds.

This subwoofer’s 3-7/8” or 98-millimeter mounting depth can accommodate most vehicles with no issues. It is definitely easy to install without having to deal with making any modifications whatsoever.

Everything about this subwoofer is impressive to say the least. It has a firm and resilient construction that you can depend on for superb performance without exception. The full and powerful low end sound you will get is nothing short of incredible.


  • Butyl rubber surround gives you a high-efficiency design
  • Uses a copper voice coil that is resistant to both heat and corrosion
  • Very shallow mounting depth allows for versatile installation
  • Poly injection cone is flexible but sturdy as a whole
  • Offers a considerable amount of power to satisfy your listening needs


  • Connections on rear aren’t soldered great


Buying Guide

Best Shallow 12 inch Subwoofer

When seeking out the greatest, you will need to consider a number of crucial factors. The list of criteria below will help you narrow down these options so all of your requirements are satisfied.



Before you can settle on the subwoofer, you will need to consider each one’s power handling. We recommend taking a close look at both the max/peak and RMS power ratings.

You’ll want to look for subwoofers that have a max power of 800 to 1400 watts. These ratings will essentially tell you how much power you can safely supply to them. The more power you have to work with, the deeper and more satisfying the bass sound will be.

Frequency Response


It is also a good idea to take a close look at the frequency response range for each subwoofer. A range of 25 Hz to 300 Hz will provide you with solid low end audio. The one you choose should be able to reproduce a wide spectrum of bass frequencies. This is an essential element to consider as you look into each of these products.

Cone Design


The design of each subwoofer’s cone is yet another factor to keep in mind. You’ll find that the very best options have a cone that is sturdy and long lasting. We recommend models that are equipped with a high-grade pressed paper cone.

A lot of high end subwoofers use a polypropylene cone, which is light with just the right amount of flexibility. There are even some models that have carbon fiber cones, which are also very lightweight and hold up exceptionally well with regular use.

This is something that will definitely have a significant impact on the overall quality of the bass you get in your car.



The surround is a crucial component that you’ll want to focus on when searching for the best subwoofer. This part is often made of a durable rubber material. This type of surround allows for efficient performance when it comes to absorbing vibrations caused by the cone.

Butyl rubber is an ideal material for subwoofer surrounds, so you’ll want to keep that in mind. This material is fairly rigid but also flexible. You won’t have to worry about it getting damaged from exposure to extreme heat or moisture over time. Another great thing about rubber surrounds is that they are also typically resistant to the sun’s powerful UV rays.

You will also be able to find subwoofers that use foam surrounds, which can be incredibly beneficial. These surrounds offer excellent absorption, but they aren’t as sturdy as rubber.



It is obviously important that you take a look at the overall size of each subwoofer. The best subwoofer will have a relatively small mounting depth of 3-4 inches. The shallower the speaker is, the easier it will be to install in your vehicle.

Make sure that you know where you are going to put your new subwoofer before settling on a certain one. You will definitely need to do the necessary measurements so as to save yourself a lot of time and frustration.



The basket is what supports most of the subwoofer’s internal components. It therefore stands to reason that you’ll want to find one that features a very solid basket construction.

This part of the speaker should be made from an ultra-durable material like powder-coated steel. The fact is that if the basket is too weak, the entire subwoofer will be vulnerable to serious damage. It should have a rigid design that holds its shape well when exposed to a variety of weather conditions.



Some of the products on the market feature a dual venting design. The one you decide on should have front and back venting. This helps keep the internal components cool. The last thing you want is for any of the parts inside of the speaker to overheat, as this can cause serious performance issues.



As you look for the best shallow 12 inch subwoofer, you’ll want to find out how powerful each one is. The wattage that this audio equipment offers will ultimately determine the depth and fullness of the bass. You’ll also need to make sure that the one you get is very sturdy and reliable. Feel free to comment below so we know what you think about our list.

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